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1 dollar bills, 2 dollar bills, 5 dollar bills, 5.5 dollar bills, adam morgan, adjectives, alcohol, amon amarth, and crackers, andy warhol, answers, anti-fag hammers, aragrorn, baseball caps, batteries, beer, being ripshit, birthday, birthday cake, bleeding gasoline, bombing ur face, bombing ur house, bombing ur mom, bombs, books, books about bombs, books about drugs, books about getting wasted, books about money, burning, buttons, c4, cancer, casinos, charles manson, chicks, chix, cigarettes, cigs, coins, counter-strike, credit cards, declawing cats, dimes, dinosaurs, drugs, dungeons, elves, everything about me, explosions, fake boobs, faking my death, firemen, football, football on the tv, getting hurt, getting wasted, giant spiders, golden teeth, golems, grandalf, grenades, guns, herb, high insurance rates, hillary duff, hit points, home improvement, hoobastank, hoobastank merch, hoses, hot babes, hurt in tha dirt, internet lingo, japanese words, jeff k, kobolds, kurupt, lieutenant turtle mcturtleson, lindsay lohan, lol, lung cancer, lung cancer again, magic cards, manifest destiny, marijuana, martha stewart, mary jane, massive collections, me, metallic objects, missiles, money, mortal combat, mortal kombat, murder, myself, myslef, nick berg, nickels, norway, nukes, paul revere's horse, pencils, pennies, people on fire, pix shots, plastic figures, plastique, pocket ninjas, quarters, raging against ur machine, rap music, red outfits, redcoats, retarded gnomes, richard nixon, ruining shit, ruining ur shit, semtex, sk8boards, skateboards, sn00p, snewp, snoop, solid snake, stores, swords, swords of +3, taliban, teh army, teh british, teh yanks, television, things, things that grin, things what are big, ur dad's wallet, ur mom, ur mom's purse, verant, vikings, wallace and grommit, watergate scandal, winning money, winning my lottery, zerg rushes.